120-piece Variety Pack Aromatherapy Loop-Locks for Masks

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Quick Overview:
  • Fruit-scented loops for your mask
  • All Six Unique Scents
  • 120 pieces
  • Helps keep mask in place and secure
  • Good for any mask
  • Gentle Relaxing scents
  • Reduces stress
  • Use For:
  • Aromatherapy
  • Neutralize "Mask Breath"
  • Secure your Guardian 2.0 EarLoop and Neck Strap
  • Adjust size of Guardian 1.0
  • Reduce size of any other mask
  • Scented Loop Locks

    • All Six Fruity Scents - contains 120 Loop Locks in total
    • Elastic Latex-free Aromatherapy scented loops for your masks
    • Use as Loop Locks for your Adjustable-sized GC2.0 Face Mask
    • Secures your adjustable mask in place
    • Use on the ear loops of fixed-sized mask to adjust/reduce mask size
    • Pleasant Aromatherapy scents last for days
    • Reduce “mask-breath” with fruit-scented bands on your mask
    • Easy to use, disposable
    20 each of all 6 scents:
    - Orange             - Grape                 - Lemon      
    - Apple              - Blueberry          - Strawberry 
    For Guardian 2.0 Adjustable Mask:
    - For best results, fasten a loop lock at the bottom of each EarLoop near the cheek
    to stabilize EarLoop size and for aromatherapy benefit.
    For Guardian 1.0 or any other fixed-size masks:
    - Use Loop Lock to crimp EarLoops behind the ears for size adjustment.
    - Fasten a Loop Lock at the bottom of each EarLoop near the cheek for aromatherapy.
    Caution: Do not eat
    Keep away from children under 6