Black Grip Socks

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Quick Overview:
  • 3mm thick Traction Grip Sole protects against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt
  • Neoprene heel and toe protect feet from blisters
  • Lightweight, cool, and breathable Spandex uppers
  • Lightweight and dry quick
  • Enjoy the secure feeling of our anti-slip sole with traction grip for water sports. The rough neoprene Traction Grip Sole gives you traction on smooth surfaces to help prevent slipping. Protect your feet while portaging your kayak or negotiating water hazards, slippery rocks or splintered docks. Neoprene heel and toe protect from chafing due to bindings or full foot fins. Lightweight breathable spandex uppers gives barefoot feel and dry quickly. 

    Perfect for all water sports; kayaking, SUP, diving, snorkeling, wake-boarding, kite-boarding, boating, camping, yoga, ultra backpacking, etc.

    Grip Socks weigh only a few ounces which makes them easy to transport.

    GRIP SOCKS® are the next generation in outdoor sportswear. GRIP SOCKS® provide performance and protection for today’s water sports athletes. 
    Grip Socks work great for all board and paddle sports, boating and diving. 

    - Improve traction and balance, while protecting feet from the elements 

    - 3mm thick neoprene Traction Grip Soles protect against heat, cold, sharp objects, and mud 

    - Duratex coating on sole gives strength with a rough traction surface 

    - Lightweight, cool, and breathable Spandex uppers let feet breathe during workouts 

    - Keep out sand, mud, dirt, and sun with UV protection 

    - Protective neoprene toe and heel for injury prevention 

    - Reinforced Flat-lock Stitching for long-lasting use 

    - Adjustable Fastener for a secure fit every time 

    - Wear in or out of shoes, bindings or full-foot fins