Frequently Asked Questions

For Masks:
  - Small size is for rather petite heads or early teens
  - Medium size will fit most adults well and will fit over a particle mask as well
  - Large size is for large heads, people with ears further back in their head, heavy beards, or for long term wear over a bulging particle mask
For Neck Gaiters/Face Coverings:
   - Small size for women or kids - Unstretched length: 11in. Circumference: of 17in, stretchable to 26in.
             (small size not available in all colors)
   - Medium size for most adult males - Unstretched length: 15in. Circumference: of 18.5in, stretchable to 30in.
   - Large size for larger adult males - Unstretched length: 15in. Circumference: of 19.5in, stretchable to 32in.
   - Fold over for double-layer protection and a more snug fit
For Sand Socks and Grip Socks:
    Below are the sizing charts our socks for the US. If you think you are between sizes, we typically recommend that for Sand Socks you choose the smaller size because of the stretchable sole and for Grip Socks you choose the larger size because of the less elastic sole. Our sock sizes are based off of shoe size charts. For example, if Jane wears a US Women's shoe size 9½, then her Sand Sock or Grip Sock size would be a Medium. US Adult Sand Sock and Grip Sock Chart (*based on US Adult Shoe Size:)


Women 1-3

Men 1-2


Women 3½-6

Men 2½-4


Women 6½-8½

Men 4½-6½


Women 9-11½

Men 7-10


Women 12-14

Men 10½-12


Women 14½+

Men 12½-14



Men 14½+


Kid's Sand Sock Size (*based on US Toddler/Children's size, typically ages 1-7 years:)


Toddler 2-5½

(typically ages 1-3 yrs


Toddler 6-8½

(typically ages 3-4 yrs


Toddler 9-11

(typically ages 4-5 yrs)


Toddler 11½-13

(typically ages 5-7 yrs)

What if I'm in between sizes?

If you think you are in between sizes, we typically recommend that for our classic High-top Sand Socks you choose the smaller size because of the stretchable sole. Our Sprites Sand Socks, Grip Socks, and Aqua Sprites run a little smaller (and may have a less elastic sole, thus, if you are between sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size. Size charts can be found on each Product Page.

What about UK and EU size charts?

UK Adult Sand Sock and Grip Sock Size (*based on UK Adult Shoe Size:)


Women 1-2

Men 1-2


Women 2½-3½

Men 2½-3½


Women 4-6

Men 4-6


Women 6½-9

Men 6½-9


Women 9½-11½

Men 9½-11½


Women 12+

Men 12-13½



Men 14+


EU Adult Sand Sock and Grip Sock Size (*based on EU Adult Shoe Size:)
















Should I get Kid's or Adult Sand Socks for my child?

For children 1 - 7 years old, our Kid's Sand Socks usually fit. The Kid's Sand Sock size XL has a sole length (from heel to toe) of a little under 7 inches. 

For children 7 - 13, they may fit into our Adult Sand Socks in sizes XXS, XS or S. The Adult Classic High Top Sand Socks size XS has a sole length (from heel to toe) of a little under 7.5 inches. The Adult Sprites Low Top Sand Socks size XXS has a sole length (from heel to toe) of a little under 7 inches.

How is a Sand Sock supposed to fit?

They are form-fitting socks, but with enough room in the toe for you to wiggle your toes generously. The sole of the sock will fit around your foot for full-foot protection. The athlete should be able to pinch about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of material in front of the toes.  Sand Socks and Grip Socks can be worn with or without shoes, sandals, or full-foot fins.



Where can I find Sand Socks near me?

Sand Socks are available in a variety of stores and facilities across the US including Big5, Soccer Post, Play it Again Sports, and a wide variety of independent stores. To find out if there is a store or facility near you, please call us at (512) 547-1019.

What is the difference between Sand Socks and Grip Socks?

The difference is in the sole! Sand Socks have a padded action flex sole that protects from hot, wet and cold sand. Grip Socks have a rough traction grip sole to provide better stability on wet surfaces.

What are the popular uses for Sand Socks and Grip Socks?

Sand Socks are used for all sorts of sand sports and sand activities. Popular sports for which Sand Socks are used are: Beach Volleyball, Sand Soccer, Beach Lacrosse, Beach Tennis, Sand Ultimate, Sand Football. Other popular activities for which Sand Socks are used are: Sand Sculpting, Sand Jogging, Beach Combing and Snorkeling.

Grip Socks are used for all sorts of water sports and other varied activities. Popular water sports for which Grip Socks are used are: Kayaking, SUP, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Waterski, Windsurf, Kiteboard, Dive and Snorkeling and Boating. Other activities for which Grip Socks are also commonly used include: Camping, Fly Fishing, Yoga, Pilates and various Mat Sports.

What is the weight of Grip Socks or Aqua Grip Socks?

Grip Socks or Aqua Grip Socks are recommended for ultra-light backpackers. Below is a weight chart for adult Grip Socks and Aqua Grip Socks by size. Call if you need weights on kid's sizes.





2.26 oz.



2.75 oz.

2.61 oz.


2.96 oz.

2.89 oz.


3.10 oz.

3.14 oz.


3.17 oz.

3.42 oz.


3.42 oz.

3.63 oz.


4.34 oz.

3.81 oz.


Should I buy Sand Socks or Grip Socks?

For all sand sports and activities we recommend our Sand Socks, which we carry in adult and kid's sizes. Sand Socks have a padded action flex sole that protects from hot, wet, and cold sand.

For all water sports and activities we recommend our Grip Socks, which we carry in adult and kid's sizes. Grip Socks have a rough grip traction sole to provide better stability. The sole also protects from small rocks and sharp objects.


How should I wash my Sand Socks?

Our socks are made of the same neoprene and spandex materials as high performance wet suits and should be cared for in a similar manner through hand-washing and air-drying. However, our tightly-sewn products are also machine-washable. See instructions for both below.

To hand wash them, rinse thoroughly in fresh water, inside and out. Be sure to wash after use in the ocean, as prolonged exposure to the minerals of salt water can degrade the neoprene material. Air dry out of direct sunlight. 

To machine wash, use the gentle cycle and use less soap than you normally would to ensure it doesn't degrade the neoprene over time. Then dry tumble them with no heat or air dry out of direct sunlight

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Are there any other colors available?

Other colors such as Patriotic American Flag, Star Spangled, Orange Zebra, pink Zebra, Green Zebra and Neon Night are available only from certain vendors, for example www.iSnorkel.com



How do I sign up?

If you don't already have an account with us, look at the upper right hand corner of your web page. Click on "Register" and fill out your personal information and login information. Click Create Account.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, simply log in and go to "Account Dashboard" on the bar to the left. Under "Account Information" under "Contact Information: there will be a small link that says "Change Password" under your name and email. Click the link and follow the instructions.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, contact us at customerservice@sandsocks.net. We will take care of it.

How do I change my account settings?

To change your account settings, go under your "Account Dashboard" and there under "Account Information" you should see different boxes such as "Contact Information" and "Address Book". Simply click on the small icon of a pen in the upper righthand corner of each box to edit the contents of the box.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

In the upper righthand corner of your browser screen, you should see the symbol of a key next to a star. Click on the symbol of a key - this will take you to a pop-up window to log in. In the upper righthand corner of that window you should see a link that says "Forgot Password?". Click the link and follow the instructions.



How much is shipping?

NOTE:  Holiday deliveries may be delayed due to heavy Christmas volume.  Although we ship within 1-2 business days of the order, postal and other carriers are experiencing delays in delivery.  PRIORITY MAIL is recommended in the weeks before Christmas.

Shipping is Free for domestic orders over $22 (*some restrictions apply to Hawaii & Alaska).
Standard shipping, by US First Class Mail, is $3.49 for Domestic orders under $25.00.
First Class Mail, normally has a 3-8 business day ship time, but maybe longer in December. 
Priority mail, which has a 2-3 day ship time, is $6.95 per item with a marginal cost for each additional item added. 

For limited items or locations, 1- or 2-day air delivery may be available.
Second Day Air costs around $35.00 and Next Day Air costs around $45.00 respectively with additional costs per item added.

How can I find your international delivery information?

We only ship international packages via the US Postal Service which typically takes 1 - 3 weeks depending on the speed of the postal service to the destination country. You can estimate the cost of shipping by adding the items you want to your cart and go to your shopping cart page. Enter your location information and shipping estimates should appear. You can also do this through the check-out page, but will have to fill out more information.

When will my order ship?

For First Class Mail, orders will ship within 4 business days. Most orders ship within 48 hours. We will send a Shipment Confirmation email when your order ships.

Once your package ships, allow 3 - 8 business days before receiving your package. Most orders will be received in 2 - 5 business days.

Thanksgiving and Christmas season can severely affect mail delivery times.  Unpredictable delays can occur once the item leaves our facility.  All mail packages are slowed by 1-3 days and occasional mail delays of 2 weeks occur after November 30.   For reliable several-day shipping, we suggest selecting the Priority Mail ship method. 

We are also seeing delays in the US Postal Service Delivery due to the COVID-19 Crisis



How do returns and refunds work?

We can issue returns or refunds on our Socks within 30 days of your purchase.  Due to the risk of contamination, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of our face masks or Neck Gaiters.

Our Return Policy is as follows: 

If the customer ordered the wrong size, we ask that you send them back to us in new, resalable condition.  We inspect, qualify, and dis-infect any returns and typically use them as promotional items.

Please send returns back to this address: 
    Sand Socks, Inc. 
    5381 Industrial Way Dr. 
    Buda, TX 78610 

Please include inside the return envelope: 
1.) The original packing slip 
2.) Your name, address and telephone number 
3.) Reason for exchange (i.e. different color/size) 
4.) The Sand Socks in new condition and in the original packaging 

If it is due to a mis-shipment, faulty product or packaging, we can send you a replacement with a return envelope. 

Please email us regarding your intended return or replacement at customerservice@sandsocks.net 

Our Refund Policy is as follows: 

If you want a refund on your product, please email us at customerservice@sandsocks.net with your full name and your reason for refund request. If the product has a defect covered under warranty, we may ask for a photo to be emailed to us. If the product is still in new condition, but for whatever reason you decide you no longer want it, then you can mail us back the unused product (within 30 days) in a postage paid envelope with all of your order information from your invoice and we can refund you for your purchase price.


What is your warranty information?

Sand Socks are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship. The product is not warranted against misuse (such as use on hard or rough surfaces) nor against regular wear and tear. For more information, visit our warranty information page.



What is your MAP Policy?

Please refer to our MAP policy page.

For a list of our authorized Amazon dealers, please click here.