Black Elite Sand Socks

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ELITE Sand Socks offer improved performance over traditional Sand Socks for the More Competitive Athlete:
  • A snug, more athletic fit
  • Thicker sole for improved performance
  • Neoprene side panels for arch and side-of-foot protection
  • Low enough to be cool and high enough to keep sand out
  • Sizing (Based on US Shoe Size):
    SKU: E-B
     XXS	 Women 1-3	Men 1-2
    XS Women 3½-6 Men 2½-4
    S Women 6½-8½ Men 4½-6½
    M Women 9-11½ Men 7-10
    L Women 12-14 Men 10½-12
    XL Women 14½+ Men 12½-14
    XXL Men 14½+

    SAND SOCKS®, invented by Vincere Sports in 1994, were the first and continue to be the best. Our improvements over time result in the next generation in outdoor sportswear. SAND SOCKS® provide performance and protection for today’s beach and water sports athletes. Our high performance ELITE SAND SOCKS: 

    Our ELITE Sand Socks design offer improved performance over traditional Sand Socks for the more competitive athlete.

    Stay ahead of the competition in performance and style. Elite Sand Socks are designed for the more competitive athlete. Elite Sand Socks take it to the next level to enhance performance and protection on the sand in hard core competition. Get the barefoot comfort you love with a new improved snug fit, protective side panels. Comfortable, flexible and light weight so you can manipulate balance, move faster and jump higher. Elite Sand Socks are low enough to be cool, high enough to keep the sand out.

    These performance socks have an Action Flex Sole with 3-4mm of neoprene protection and stretch neoprene toes, heels, and side panels to insolate your feet from hot, cold, gritty, or abrasive surfaces. Elite Sand Socks are made for hot or cold sand, or in or out of water. They can be worn alone or under shoes, sandals, or fins. Unmatched high quality Spandex and neoprene with reinforced flat-lock stitching make them durable, breathable and quick drying. Engineered for comfort and performance, the Elite Sand Socks feel great on your feet! 

    - Barefoot feel 
    - Improve balance and feel, while protecting feet from the elements 
    - 3-4mm thick neoprene Action Flex Soles protect against heat, cold, sharp objects, and dirt 
    - Elastic Duratex coating on sole gives strength with a comfortable elastic fit 
    - Neoprene Side panels provide protection, stabilization and a snug fit 
    - Greater neoprene protection for the toes 
    - Low cut design for comfort and style 
    - Elastic cuff to keep sand out 
    - Lightweight, cool, and breathable Spandex uppers let feet breathe 
    - Keep out sand, mud, dirt, and sun with UV protection 
    - Reinforced flat-lock stitching for long-lasting use 
    - Low snug fit
    - Easy to slip on and comfortable 
    - Wear in or out of shoes or sandals 
    - Great for beach or water 
    - Machine washable