Face Mask - Black

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Quick Overview:
- Made in USA
- Breathable 2 layer design
- Designed for sports, use anywhere
- Microfiber layer filters particles
- Inner layer protects from moisture
- Soft, Light, Comfortable, and Elastic
- Re-usable machine washable
- SMALL: petite/thin women or teens
- MEDIUM: average size men or women
- LARGE: larger men or men with a beard
- XL: for Thanos or for long term wear over a bulging particle mask
Face Coverings, Face Mask, Washable, Reusable

Protection from Contaminants, Dust, Pollen, Dander, Other Airborne particles.

- Black

  • Made and Shipped in the United States. Ships immediately.
  • Dual layer fabric allows a flow of air ideal for physical activity such as jogging, biking, or sporting.
  • Microfiber Spandex/ Polyester two-ply design provides durability and snugness for optimal air filtration.
  • Outer Spandex filters finer particles (dust, pollen, contaminants) while 2nd inner layer fabric provides secondary barrier layer.
  • Soft, wide Spandex ear loops for comfort maintain elasticity and strength.
  • Wear alone or over a medical or N95 mask.
  • Re-usable, machine washable.
  • This is not a medical grade or certified face mask
  - Small size fits petite or thin women and teens
  - Medium fits average size men and women
  - Large size fits men with a beard, larger men, or for long term wear over a particle mask
  - XL size fits large men or men with a particularly large face, use for over a large bulging N95 mask
Why is the Laser Sports Gear dual-layered face mask the best fabric mask?
* The Dual fabric in our face mask provides 2 dissimilar layers of particle barriers:
      - The outer, fine mesh layer acts as a physical barrier to particles or micro-water droplets.
      - The inner fabric layer protects the outer layer from moisture from the wearer's breath and mouth
              if wet, a mask layer's effectiveness is greatly reduced against contaminants that are often
              contained in micro-water droplets.  Thus, single-layer masks lose effectiveness very quickly.
      - The dissimilar fabrics used in our mask layers enhance strength and elasticity of the mask allowing
         for a more snug fit and greater longevity of the mask.
      - We use high-grade Poly Spandex for the outer layer and a heavier Polyester/Cotton/Spandex for the inner layer.
* The folded Spandex earloops are far superior to standard elastic straps in their comfort, strength and elasticity, and longevity.
* Laser Sports Gear/Sand Socks takes great care in the production, packaging, handling and shipping of our Made in USA face masks. 
      - Incoming shipments experience a quarantine period (from release-from-factory) of 3 days before packaging at our distribution center.
      - Only select staff handle unpackaged product and all staff wear PPE (gloves and a mask) when handling unpackaged product for Your safety.
      - Unpackaged product is tightly controlled within our secure and hygiene-controlled warehouse to maintain bio-contaminant-free integrity of the product.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Dual Layer Rocks!

    Posted by NurseJackie on Feb 6th 2021

    These are very comfortable and breathable masks. The 2-layer fine fabric is filter well and they are MUCH more breathable than other masks. The outer layer does a good job of repelling water droplets which makes me feel more secure in its ability to repel contaminated droplets.
    The inner layer is a little more like cotton and thus acts like a good barrier to moisture from my breath.

  • 4
    Active shopper

    Posted by RC on Jan 24th 2021

    Good fit. Just make sure you order correct size for a woman. I bought a large first and it was too big so I ordered a medium, which was a better fit. Like the spandex/polyester fabric. I like to be able to wash and reuse a mask.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by PetroleumRox on Jan 24th 2021

    In a time when everyone is making masks it was nice to find one that was comfortable.

  • 5
    Best Mask Ever

    Posted by AZ dude on Jan 24th 2021

    If you want a mask that you can actually breath in and do not feel like you have one on then this is the mask. It is made out of the same material my athletic shirts are made from. There are two layers of material to help provide some protection