Toddlers Blue Lightning Sand Socks

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Quick Overview:
  • Keep out hot or cold sand, dirt, mud and sharp objects
  • Protective neoprene toe and heel
  • Elastic Ankle for secure fit
  • UV Protection
  • Sizing (Based on US Toddler/Children sizes, ages 1-7 years):
    SKU: T-BL
      S:  Toddler 2-5½    (typically ages 1-3 yrs)
    M: Toddler 6-8½ (typically ages 3-4 yrs)
    L: Toddler 9-11 (typically ages 4-5 yrs)
    XL: Toddler 11½-13 (typically ages 5-7 yrs)

    KID'S SAND SOCKS® by Vincere Sports.

    Your child will be safer in Toddler Sand Socks® with UV protection. Protect your child's feet from the hot sun, sand, and beach hazards with our neoprene Action Flex Sole. Perfect for beach sports, making sand castles and other beach activities. Great in and out of water and with or without shoes. 

    TODDLER SAND SOCKS® are the perfect fun and protective beach footwear for your child! 

    - Keep out hot or cold sand, dirt, mud and sharp objects 

    - 2 mm neoprene Action Flex Sole gives feet cushy protection and stretches to fit 

    - Lightweight, breathable, cool 4-way stretch spandex makes putting on socks easy 

    - Protective neoprene toe and heel 

    - Elastic Ankle for secure fit 

    - UV Protection 

    - Wear in or out of shoes 

    *Note: Children with feet 7 inches or longer will fit into our Adult Sand Socks, likely in Adult Sand Socks sizes XXS, XS, or S.