CUSTOM PRINT/logo Face Mask

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- Keep your team and customers in comfort and safety
- Maintain a sharp, professional look
- Quick production & turnaround time
- Photo quality printing
- 50-piece min. order
- Made in USA
- A comfortable employee is a productive employee
- Cool, Breathable 2 layer design
- Soft, Light, Comfortable, & Elastic
- Designed for sports, use anywhere
- Machine Washable
- Low Bulk pricing
Get Custom Logo or print Face Masks for your organization
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  • Great for employees, teams, or customers!
  • Made and Shipped in the United States. Quick turnaround time
  • Dual layer fabric allows a flow of air ideal for work environment, classroom, or sports
  • Microfiber Spandex/ Polyester two-ply design provides durability and snugness for optimal air filtration
  • Outer Spandex filters particles and contaminants, while inner layer provides moisture and secondary filtering
  • Soft, wide Spandex ear loops for comfort maintain elasticity and strength
  • Re-usable, machine washable
  • Bulk pricing starting at 50 masks
  • This is not a medical grade or certified face mask
  - Small size fits petite or thin women and teens
  - Medium fits average size men and women
  - Large size fits larger men, men with a beard
  - XL size fits Thanos & other large heads, or for long term wear over a bulging particle mask
Why is the Laser Sports Gear dual-layered face mask the best fabric mask?
* The Dual fabric in our face mask provides 2 dissimilar layers of particle barriers:
      - The outer, fine mesh layer acts as a physical barrier to particles or micro-water droplets.
      - The inner fabric layer protects the outer layer from moisture from the wearer's breath and mouth
              if wet, a mask layer's effectiveness is greatly reduced against contaminants that are often
              contained in micro-water droplets.  Thus, single-layer masks lose effectiveness very quickly.
      - The dissimilar fabrics used in our mask layers enhance strength and elasticity of the mask allowing
         for a more snug fit and greater longevity of the mask.
      - We use high-grade Poly Spandex for the outer layer and a heavier Polyester/Cotton/Spandex for the inner layer.
* The folded Spandex earloops are far superior to standard elastic straps in their comfort, strength and elasticity, and longevity.
* Laser Sports Gear/Sand Socks takes great care in the production, packaging, handling and shipping of our Made in USA face masks. 
      - Incoming shipments experience a quarantine period (from release-from-factory) of 3 days before packaging at our distribution center.
      - Only select staff handle unpackaged product and all staff wear PPE (gloves and a mask) when handling unpackaged product for Your safety.
      - Unpackaged product is tightly controlled within our secure and hygiene-controlled warehouse to maintain bio-contaminant-free integrity of the product.